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the work of photographer, gail bryck,
distinguishes itself from much of the
other photography in steve's collection.
not only for the fact that it is often
visibly and flambuoyantly signed (an
obvious component in the finished
product of her art; as well as making it
highly identifiable); but also, there is a
very definite and defined high art inten-
tion to her work that is evident in the
deliberate thought and application of
technique to each stage of her process.

"yeah," says steve leckie, "she's like
man ray, or something!"


from "afternoon with the viletones at new rose"

the real surprise, for me, was that while i
recognized the face from the scene years
ago - and i likewise recognized some of
the individual photography as part of the
visual canon of viletone folklore - i had
never made the connection between the
two before this.

the last time i remember seeing her, was
at a matinee "battle of the bands" at
larry's hideaway, on a sweltering day in
june or july of 1979. she did a suggestive,
ass-rolling bump 'n' grind on the dance
floor, next to the stage and probably
proceeded to tell me more than i wanted
to know about bob segarini. i thought she
was out of her mind.

her photography of the viletones, as seen
here is exciting and beautiful art of the
original punk era